Saturday, July 30, 2011

50 Kilometers...that's longer than a marathon right?

Alright, either I felt too good, or was still really delirious from the marathon, but I signed up for a 50K, or for the metric impaired, 31 miles.  Personally, I blame another runner from Carmel for telling me about the race, but I guess you could say I caught the running bug.  Here is a quick preview of the race:

The Rock/Creek Stump Jump
Chattanooga, TN
October 1st, 2011
5330 ft of climbing

Click to open big map
For training, I'm feeling pretty good about the plan I put together.  I'm doing a lot of back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday.  I did 13 today, and am going to do at least 10 tomorrow.  While that's not a lot of miles, I did run my first marathon ever only 7 days ago. Next weekend I've got another marathon on the schedule at the Planet Adventure Race "Eagle Creek Marathon".  I was originally only going to run the half marathon but after I signed up for 50K, I switched to the marathon and then decided to use it as a well supporting training run.

I still am thinking about my nutrition plan.  The marathon was good, except I needed more electrolytes.  S-caps?  Others ideas?  I'm also thinking if I am going to be running another 1-2 hours then I'm going to need some protein.  Any suggestions?

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