Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm ready? - Golden Gate Trail Marathon

I'm almost there. My first marathon. Only 5 days from now.
26.2 miles
4,849 ft of elevation gain
Average grade of 7%
That is 7 ft up for every 100 ft forward

While the trail probably looks like this:

I'm imagining something like this:

Am I worried? Nah. Scared? Nope. Ready? I hope so. I've got the gear laid out:

2 Patagonia Capilene 1 t-shirts - I have an obsession with Patagonia and it all started with Cap1 shirts about 7 years ago. Simply the lightest most comfortable shirt I own.
Standard boxer brief style tights - the best form of anti-chafe
Running shorts - I haven't decided which ones I'm going to wear yet. Probably which ever are the lightest when soaked with sweat
Socks - I don't have a particular brand affiliation, but I'm willing to be sponsored ;-)
Keen A86 - you've read it before, but I love those shoes. I've got just over 100 miles on them now, and they are ready for the race.

Of course I'm going to be taking a hydration pack and some food for the two 13 mile loops.

Hydration pack - I'm going to take my Nathan Endurance pack. 70 ounces of water, no extra stuff.
I've got a spare 10 ounce bottle for my electrolyte drink...
Camelbak Elixir - lemon lime is my favorite. Does the job, easy to drink when it is hot (unlike sugary drinks)
Clif Bar - solid food is good!
Gu - every 5 miles or so for me.
Camera - I'm sure as hell taking photos on this run. If I stop a lot my time will be slower, which means PRs will be easier in the future. That's the attitude right? Haha
Soft white paper - self explanatory. No port-o-pottys on the trails

I'm ready aren't I? Tapering feels weird. I want to run, I think. But I'm notorious for over exerting myself, so I'll take it easy, and eat as much as I can.

Anything else I should (or not) be doing?


  1. I've run on this course many times, so here are a few thoughts:

    1) Consider bringing some warmer clothes. It can get very cold in the Headlands in July (cold fog + wind = wind chills in the 40s). Last weekend at the Headlands 50 miler, I wore four layers while volunteering and most runners wore long sleeves. You won't know the actual weather until you get there.

    2) take it real easy on the first hill. It's by far the steepest and with race excitement most people go out too hard here. This is by far the toughest section of the course. You'll see it again right after the half-way point.

    If you have additional questions feel free to e-mail me at davidrschoenberg at gmail.

    You'll have a GREAT time!

  2. Thanks Dave!
    I'm packing some long sleeves and a light jacket in the event of rain or high winds. I'll be sure to include them in my race day attire. Thanks for volunteering!!!!!

  3. Living vicariously through you, back here in Indiana. I'm sure you'll have fun and success on the trail. Enjoy, and let us know how things go.

  4. Thanks Jay! I am feeling pretty good now. I'm ready for tomorrow. :-)