Monday, February 13, 2012

Typical Gear for the Long Run

I'm going to lay out the gear I've been using recently with my thoughts.  Not necessarily because I want to share them with you, but because I want your feedback or things that you've tried.

Cold Weather (< 32 F)
- Tights-like underwear - I've got a couple different brands.  Frankly, it doesn't matter which one I use, just keeps my man bits from being chafed man bits.
- Long sleeve Patagonia Capilene (1 or 2) - I can't get enough of you'll notice soon.
- Short Sleeve Patagonia Capilene 1 - I like bold solid colors.  However, the wind doesn't care what color my shirt is.
- Random Running Tights and/or Shorts - I like Patagonia's Nine-Trails and a pair of Adidas shorts. I always wear those during races.
- Smart Wool Socks - Warm feet are happy feet.
- Patagonia Capilene 3 beanie - this hat is DA BOMB.  I also like a thinner one from Saucony.
- New Balance MT110 - Just got these.  They are great.  On really muddy days I'll wear my Inov-8 X-Talon 212s.
- Manzella Hatchback Gloves - If you suffer from cold hands, like wearing gloves, but know mittens keep your hands warmer, BUY THESE GLOVES.  They are amazing.  I got them on "The Clymb" and I would pay 3x retail for them.  I can't get over how great they were for me last weekend when it was 15F with 15 mph winds.

Warmer weather (32 - 45 F)
- Same as above except no tights.  And different gloves

Hot Weather (45F+)
- Same as above minus tights, beanie, gloves and long sleeved shirts.

Occasionally I'll wear a jacket if it gets really windy or cold.  I've got a North Face Jacket from the "Flight Series".  I like it but it doesn't breathe well. 

Anyone else have things that they love to wear?  I'm pretty picky, if it doesn't feel good on my skin when I get out of bed in the morning, I won't wear it. I know that there are other things like Patagonia clothing, and that there stuff is expensive.  I have been pretty loyal to the brand since I was a freshman in college and we had their Cap 1 shirts as jerseys.  I wear their boxers too, good god they are amazing.


  1. Smart wool socks are now a must. I tried running in a pair that weren't smart wool last week and hated it. Once you've had the best, you can't go back. I love my injinji socks when conditions are dry. My favorite smart wool socks are toe socks too.

    Think I own the same addidas shorts. They are great now, but think I need some shorty shorts when it gets hot out.

    I base layer with a compression shirt, put a long sleeve cold weather tech shirt over and then either my Solomon jacket or short sleeve tech shirt depending on how cold.

    Big fan of my CWX compression tights.

  2. Second Josh's comment about C-WX tights. They are amazing... I was a doubter at first, but put those things on after a marathon and the next day you will be a believer!
    On super-cold days, bun toasters are another game-changer. It's like another layer you can wear under your tights that keeps your butt warm. I think the men's has a front wind-proof layer too (it's called the Wind Boxer).

    Love your gear post!!!

  3. Brooks 5" Essential Run Shorts. Perfect length and a nice zippered pocket on the back that can hold a couple GUs.
    Also, Smartwool Arm Warmers are awesome. I love them for spring/fall runs where I'm not sure if I need long sleeves or not. You can always roll them up if it gets too hot.
    North Face Hydrogen Vest. Extremely light weight. Nice wind blocking material in the front but the back is mesh so it allows it to breathe.